4 Things to Take Note of When Booking a Banquet Hall

Managing and hosting an event is no walk in the park. There’s tonnes of headaches involved ranging from costs, managing your resources, arranging décor and selecting the optimal menus; among other things. We’ve got some tips that might help you in these matters, so let’s start breaking them down into digestible bits:


Always remember to approach the banquet manager or maitre d’ to ask about every single cost that will be incurred. Sometimes hidden expenses slip under the radar and catch you when you least expect them. For example, some people may assume that paying the food bill may cover the cost of the room it is consumed in; which isn’t always the case. It is always prudent to inquire about such costs beforehand. Also take under consideration taxes and gratuities, which can bump up their cost by as much as 1/5!


If you’re getting a caterer to make and serve the menu at your event, make sure you order some food from them and try it out first. This will give you a good idea of the taste and quality of the food and whether you’d like to make some special requests such as adding or lowering spices.

Also make sure to inquire about catering packages. You can often save plenty of costs by going with a fixed package that lets you pick and choose from a selection of meals for a fixed price.


Colour co-ordination is key. Make sure that table cloths, napkins, etc. are all colour coordinated. Mismatched colours are going to look horrible in the event photos, not to mention the bad impression of poor décor skills this will leave on people. Other factors play in as well, such as a bride’s wedding dress matching against the décor poorly. One such scenario would be if the dress was off-white, it would appear to be a “dirty” colour against pure white table cloth.


Always do a double take on the décor. You will want to add decorations that contrast each other at best, and not hide or overwhelm other decorations that you want added. Minimalism is good, but it should not be bare or drab. Keep in mind that brides often discover too late that some of their wedding photos get spoiled by a poor background behind the head table. Make sure to pick a banquet hall that has a decorated spot specifically designed for photographing if you plan on having such a session.