5 Daily Herbs and Their Uses


Herbs are the most magnificent gift of nature; no matter how small or ordinary they can be a wonder when added to meals and play a magical role in your kitchen and cooking.  Not, just that they also have countless health benefits that have cure for all small skin problems. But most importantly, they add a magical aroma and savories to your meal that uplifts the whole environment! Silver Spoon very well knows the versatility of its customers and uses these herbs to complement that versatility.

Here we have compiled 5 herbs that we use very often in the kitchen.


No one is a stranger to mint; this herb that was initially used in Indian Subcontinent is now used worldwide for adding freshness to meals. This bright green plant carries menthol which is the element responsible for its aromatic flavor and freshness, there is no doubt that among all the other herbs mint is the most used one for adding freshness and coolness to a dish. The versatility of mint is huge just as its worldwide usage, it’s used in salads, appetizers, main course, deserts, spicy food, ice creams, drinks, juices, sweets etc. You can literally add mint to anything you like and not just for its heavenly taste but also its beautiful, bright green, shiny and lustrous looks.


This lemony yet bittersweet that is heavily used in stuffing and dressing of dishes all over the world is Rosemary. This herb with its needle like leaves comes from a woody herb which has a very sweet fragrant. Other than being used immensely during Christmas and other big dinner events for stuffing, Rosemary is also used for flavoring soups, salads, vegetable platters, and its sprinkle is a mandatory ingredient of lamb meat and mince. Before being sprinkled on the food, rosemary leaves are first soaked in water, dried and then later crushed into a fine powdery form.


Sage; a Latin herb is not only savored for its taste but also its healing properties that are almost magical. This dark green herb has circular leaves that carry a heavy peppery flavor.  Sage is one of the most flexible herbs; it can be used for a period of over two month by soaking it in olive oil and later refrigerating it. Its flexibility is unbelievable it can be used fresh; dry, wet, preserved, soaked etc according to the purpose, this property has enabled sage to be used massively for sautéing and dressing purposes.  Sage is also used as a core ingredient in meals that carry a huge amount of fat such as poultry because it helps indigestion. Therefore, other than its usual seasoning purposes, sage is also used for digesting heavy food.


Basil is a sweet and a very popular herb with a mild sweet flavor. It’s called king of all the herbs because of its unique and irresistible sweet aroma that uplifts and meal its put in. Because of this it’s also called ‘royalty’ of herbs and very righteously deserves its title. Basil originally was used in only Indian cuisine where it hailed first but now it used worldwide in every kind of cuisine to add a sweet aroma and fragrance to the dish.


Parsley is the Holy Grail of Italian and French cuisine, this herb is used in almost every Italian dish for garnishing. It’s not that know for its flavor since it’s very light and has no effect in the taste of the dish but its bright green color adds a different kind of a beauty to the dish. For this reason it’s heavily used in Pasta, salads, snacks etc.