5 Halal Restaurants In Toronto

Halal Restaurants are very seldom found in Toronto and other small and big Canadian cities alike. Halal food just does not mean Pakistani and Indian cuisine but it also extensively includes Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Far East Asian cuisines of Indonesia, Malaysia etc. People simply hate missing out on all the delicious fast food that is served in fast food chains of KFC, McDonalds, and Burger King Etc. Having to go to expensive restaurant just to get a taste of delicious halal food can be very heartbreaking but not anymore. We’ve listed out a bunch of halal restaurants that offer savory and unforgettable food for all the halal food consumers.

1. Hero Certified Burgers

Although the menu in this restaurant is not entirely halal they do offer some quantity of completely halal chicken burgers that are finger licking delicious. In fact the most popular food item in their restaurant is the Halal Angus Burger; this burger weighs approximately 6oz and costs almost $8.00. The environment in this restaurant is very refreshing and gives you a very worthwhile experience.

2. Swiss Chalet Rotisserie &Grill

The chicken food items served in this little Swiss restaurant are all purely Halal; as confirmed by the owner and manager of the restaurant. Their delicately cooked and fried chicken wings are especially the most loved meal by their customers. They prepare their wings in a very crisp and golden brown form making your perfect chicken wings dream come true. If you are more of an appetizer kind of a person then their sweet potato mash is the best thing you can taste in Toronto.

3. JFK’s Restaurant & Lounge

This is one of the very few entirely Halal restaurants in Toronto. All the meat items served in this restaurant are halal and very sophisticatedly prepared to give their customers an unforgettable meal that they would just love to have again and again. Their chicken tenders appetizers and Chicken Asiago are especially worshipped by the tourists and the citizens in the town.

4. Paramount Fine Foods

This restaurant is a officially and legally certified halal restaurant whose proof you can see on the certificate posted within the restaurant. They offer delicious halal food with an extensive menu that has many food items you can choose from, their BBQ Meat Sandwich is especially the pride of the restaurant that you must try. The food experience is further made dreamlike by the beautiful location of their restaurant in Eaton Center.

5. Popeye’s Chicken

If you are looking for a good fast food restaurant to distinguish your thirst of juicy chicken sandwiches and other meals then Popeye’s Chicken is the place for you! Their mashed potatoes along with the complete Spicy Chicken Sandwich and a drink to go with the whole deal are an ideal experience for any food lover. The taste and quality of the food too is simply amazing making the prices of the food items completely worth it. You won’t have any regrets here.