5 Healthy Desi Dishes With Low Calories

Most of our Pakistani and Indian readers will attest to the fact that most of the foods from their respective homelands tend to be rather heart-attack-friendly. They’re usually high in fat and calories and lack much nutritional values due to being cooked heavily in oil.

Take the ever-so-popular curry, for example. It is a thick sauce that serves as a topping for boiled rice that is made with heavy cream and ghee/oil/butter. Needless to say you’ll be hard pressed to find any common Indian dishes that are high in nutritional value and good for your health, which is why it is usually very difficult for the people of the region to switch to a healthy diet and keep it steady.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of some healthy desi dishes that you can order from most Indian and Pakistani restaurants without having to worry about consuming too much fats or calories. Here’s our 5 picks:

Vegetable Korma:

svA very popular dish in India, it is different from regular Korma due to a lack of beef/chicken meat and uses vegetables instead. A single serving contains only 53 calories and 1.2g of fat along with a good dose of protein.




Arhar Daal:

svA South-Indian dish made from pigeon peas that is low on fat and calories. It can be served as a great combo with boiled rice which by themselves have little to no nutrients.



Chicken Tikka Masala:

svThis one’s probably the most popular among the listed Indian dishes. It is a delicious dish consisting of chicken chunks marinated in spices and yogurt and served in a sauce that is usually tomato based. It’s a bit high in fat and calories compared to the other dishes listed but still remains within healthy bounds.


Tandoori Fish:

svA popular meal in the Punjab region of India. Although you can probably do without the butter and cream with which this dish is served and consume it with sauces instead.






Tandoori Chicken:

svAnother contender for the most popular dish on this list. Marinated chicken that is seasoned in an oven called a Tandoor and mixed with a variety of spices when it is grilled. The dish is low on fat and carbs and has a healthy dose of protein in it.




There are many other dishes you can cook up to stay fit and fill your body’s essential nutrient quota. Many of these involve vegetables and the only thing you need to do to keep them low on fats is to use vegetable oil in small amounts and make sure not to throw in any lavish additions such as butter and cream. Happy-healthy eating!