5 Kitchen Tips That Are Useful For Every Kitchen

As food lovers, we’re avid workers in our own kitchen shrines where we seek to get the best out of minimal resources. We thought it best to keep in that spirit and share some of the knowledge we have amassed in optimizing kitchen operations with our readers as well. Without further ado, here are 5 awesome kitchen tips that are useful for just about everyone:

1. Keep Lemons Fresh For MONTHS!

Did you know that you can keep lemons fresh while refrigerated for months if you keep them submerged in cold water while doing so? They last up to 3 months if you use this method.

Lemon under water

2. Determine How Fresh Eggs Are

Did you know that you can test the freshness of eggs using nothing but a bowl full of water? Follow the chart below to see how it works:


3. Your Sponge is Filthy, No Matter How Much You Wash It. Here’s An Easy Cleaning Method

According to Myth busters, your kitchen sponges contain more bacteria than a public toilet’s seat. A kitchen sponge can contain up to 10 million bacteria per square inch. Yes… That sponge you use to wash your spoons and dishes is filthier than a toilet. Before you throw up… Let us offer an easy solution.

Sponges can be easily sanitized within a minute or two by simply microwaving them. Please make sure not to do this with dry sponges as that would cause a fire instead.


4. Easily Clean Coffee Stained Mugs

I can’t STAND drinking from stained mugs. I went through a year of working at an office full of such unwashable mugs completely deprived of caffeine for this very reason. However, seeking solutions online has led me to a most elegant one that can rid any mugs and cups from such stains very easily, and without the use of any chemicals.

All you have to do is pour a little baking soda into a dish. Soak a washcloth with hot water and use it to make a paste out of the soda. Then get to scrubbing your stained mugs using said pastes and watch those stains give away to clean insides!


5. And finally, here’s a handy chart for just about every kind of food you’d want to store