5 Pakistani Foods You Must Try!

Pakistani or more famously known as desi food is embed rich with spicy herbs, aroma and beautiful colors. There are 4 Pakistani provinces with very varying cultures and lifestyles therefore their food and cuisines are also different.  Each city and district has its own identity and variety of food which is equally delicious and mouth watering. Considering all these facts it’s very tough to pick out 5 certain dishes that everyone must try but we managed to narrow down 5 everyone’s ultimate favorite Pakistani Dishes.

Fried fish

Fried fish although more popular in the north is equally devoured by all Pakistanis.  Its ingredients are very simple and light but spicy which include salt, red chilies, turmeric, dry coriander, mixed herbs, and garlic and ginger. Fish is later marinated and fried in this batter.


Biryani something that is not new to people of Pakistani and Indian descent is heavily eaten in both the nations. It’s also popular all over the world because of the unique blend of rice, chicken and spices. Biryani is a very interesting dish to look at, it rich and embezzled with colors which attracts the eye instantly. It has different ingredients depending on the texture and type but most common ingredients include fish, chicken, beef, mutton, vegetables, mince, meat balls, potatoes etc.  This heavenly dish often served with raita (yogurt mixed with spices) to add the wholesomeness of the dish. Silver Spoon also offers delicious and spicy biryani that is loved by its clients of all kinds.

Chabli Kebab

Chapli Kebab, love of North Pakistan and Peshawar. It is loved by locals and the tourists who just want to have delicious kebabs with parathas sided by salad and chuttnis during cold winter night. It is also made by very simple ingredients of spices, meat and herbs and later friend or roasted in oil. Silver Spoon offers many kinds of halal kebabs that are adored by clients all over Canada and of mixed ethinc backgrounds!

Chicken Karahi

Eaten as a main course usually during dinner time; chicken karahi is a spicey chicken curry that has a massive number of spices and herbs grounded in it giving it a irresistible aroma and texture that would just water your mouth. It is made with simple Paksitani ingrediants of marinated chicken, yougurt, chillies, salt, ginger, garlic, turmeric etc. This dish is simple yet spicy and is also served at Silver Spoon with hot naans!

Gajar ka Halwa

This desert without any doubt needs no introduction to Pakistanis. This irresistible and heavenly sweet dish is made from carrots and milk with heaps and heaps of grounded nuts. It can be eaten anytime and anywhere. It also served in weddings, parties and other events. Silver Spoon also serves delicious Gajar ka Halwa that is adored by its customers.