5 Pakistani Sweets That We All Love!


You are lying if you are saying you don’t like barfi. We all have had it at least once in our life and we all love it! This sweet mithai is made from milk and besan (chickpea flour) and a whole lot of nuts. This mesmerizing sweet dish is hogged by all Pakistanis and can be easily found everywhere! So do try this savory and mouth melting Pakistani sweet at Silver Spoon.


Ras malai

Ras malai or royalty of all Pakistani deserts is a heaven sent desert that includes sweet bread rolls immersed in milk dressing grounded with nuts and cardamoms enlightens it with a strong delicious aroma. This dessert is very popular and heavily served in weddings and other events. It’s so delicious that not trying it would be a sin!



This desert is made from rice and milk heated till it becomes a semi liquid paste which is later cool down to add to its deliciousness and then topped with numerous nuts and dressings. This desert is very common at desi weddings where everyone loves it even the kids! If you happen to visit Silver Spoon you have to try this heavenly desert of rice and milk.



This North Pakistani sweet dish is made from milk, flour and dahi (yogurt) and grounded nuts. This sweet dish is mostly served during breakfast and lunch and is always served cold. Its preparation and cooking takes a lot of time but in the end it’s all worth it since it’s absolutely delicious. Rabri very softly melts into your mouth while giving you a heavenly experience.  This is one of those dishes that you MUST try before you die!



This is one of the most popular Pakistani sweet snacks that eaten worldwide.  It is made by deep frying flour in a pretzel like twisted shape until it becomes bright orange which is then later soaked into sugar syrup to add to its uniqueness.  It’s a everyday snack in many parts of Pakistan and also India. Silver Spoon offers delicious jalebi that you must try!