5 Stunning Places worth visiting before you die

No matter where you have been till now, whom who have met with, or what dishes you may have till yet. There are some mind-blowing places that just cannot be forgotten once you are there and surely are worth visiting before dying.


1 – Antelope Canyon – Utah

The unique and naturally designed rock coloring, sandstone formations along with the ambient lightening make this historical beauty a magical one. It is one of the most visited and photographed places in the United States; and yeah you must have seen this in computer wallpapers as well.

Antelope Canyon – Utah










2 – Botswana, Southern Africa

African Dream! Yes, those exotic deserts, adventurous spots, and sheer wild beauty speak for this African nation – Botswana. This country has 70% of its land covered by the Kalahari Desert, while the remaining 30% has the general populated land area. Make sure you have ample amount of water with you once you go there to witness this massive beauty.

Botswana, Southern Africa










3 – Aurora: Kiruna, Sweden

Auroras are also referred as Northern Lights where the temperature can go down as low as -25 and that is when the photographer took this shot. Salute to his dedication, or should we say ‘artistic dedication’ that shows long trees dancing in beautiful colors and also giving a haunting kind of touch.

Aurora: Kiruna, Sweden









4 – Lavender Fields, France

France is also known for its beautiful fields, as these Lavender fields of Provence having purple haze of blooms are just breathtaking and give you a serene experience. Truly, France IS romantic.

Lavender Fields, France










5 – Matterhorn: Switzerland

Eye-catching lakes, serene valleys, and majestic mountains! Yes, we are talking about Switzerland. This Matternhorn Mountain is the one that connects the country with Italy in the Pennine Alps, and is known for the highest peak in the Alps around.


Matterhorn: Switzerland