7 Things That Only Happen in Desi Weddings

If you grew up in a desi family you’ve obviously seen some unforgettable things that happen only and only in desi weddings. We desi people are huge and loud celebrators, we love throwing our hands up in the air dancing clumsily yet energetically at the loud thumping of the deafening drum and then later stuffing ourselves to death with food. If you are a desi, you are never shocked to see and elderly women wearing huge platters of gold and multi color jewelry that looks hideous. This and much more are few things that you will find only and only in a desi wedding!

  • You’ll see more than 500 people in a single event


Going to a wedding? More like going to a concert, you’ll see people that you haven’t seen since the last Karan Johar movie came out!  There are so many people that you have to shake hands with someone after every two minutes, but don’t frown while doing so. These are all your relatives and you see them only once in a blue moon. It is no surprise when you get into forced conversation with your mom’s second cousins’ daughters in laws! Yes, that’s how deep the relationship linking can get during desi weddings.

  • You’ll see huge glittery and eye scorching wedding decorations


Desi weddings? More like an exhibition of world’s brightest and most glittery wedding decorations that are weirdly gorgeous and eye catching. You are most likely to see literal fountains of light that are nothing more than Pinterest’s dream gone wild but don’t worry, hardly anyone remembers the decorations once the wedding is done. What everyone remembers is the food!

  • It’s a weeklong celebration! Forget your meetings and forget your life


Desi weddings are in other words a weeklong vacation where you mingle with your relative’s everyday at some loud event wearing new outfit every day. These celebrations take place daily and can drag till very late night, so pack all your necessities because a wedding is coming up.

  • That Aunty who says ‘You’re next.’


And alas, everyone unmarried person’s worst nightmare, the aunty who pokes you in front of everyone and embarrasses you by deciding your future on the basis of marriage! This one statement ‘you’re next’ is the most irritating thing you can hear and it ruins your whole evening.  So, always beware of rishta aunties who are trying to ruin your happiness.

  • Wild, crazy, dangerous running children


You know you are at a desi wedding when you see little kids dancing like crazy or running around dangerously on the stage where the poor bride and groom are trying to sit very calmly. But you can’t help accepting the fact that when you were little you used to the same tactics during weddings!

  • Everyone attacks the food like bees


The highlight of any desi wedding is the food. More than half the population including you is only present at the event for the heavenly buffet food. And you just can’t help but think ‘if there’s no food why bother going at all?’ and once the waiters open the dining area it’s like the real hunger games. Everybody just attacks the food!