A Highlight on Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon has been serving and delighting food lovers with its unrivaled taste in halal Pakistani, Indian, Chinese and Hakka Cuisine. Our franchise branches around Brampton, Mississauga, Milton and other parts of GTA (Greater Toronto Area) have been offering unforgettable meals and outstanding catering services.

Silver Spoon is one of the finest Halal food restaurants in Mississauga, from which it started off and is now catering to other parts of GTA as well, where the customer base is not only limited to the people from sub-continent by the local Canadian citizens adore our desi halal dishes as well.

Keeping aside the fantastic menu serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, we are proud to have our network increased in terms of catering as well where several parties and weddings have been arranged by us and we are thriving to expand it even more. Serving delicious food with top-notch quality catering service, decoration, and overall theme based on your customized requirements is our top priority.