5 Desi Foods We Hate

We’ve invested an inexorbitant amount of time introducing the best in Eastern cuisine to our readers. We feel that perhaps for a..

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In Honour Of Haleem

Haleem is a kind of stew that is very popular in India, Pakistan, the Mid East and certain parts of Asia. Common ingredients among all..

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The Food of Eid

After 30 days of fasting from dawn to dusk, a billion muslims around the world will celebrate the end of Ramadan with the Eid ul-Fitr..

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Ramadan Calendar

The first Ashra of the Holy month of Ramadan is about to end. It seems like it just started yesterday. Oh well, hopefully you are all..

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Ramazan Special Offer

The most cherished and beloved month of Islam is here, which is considered to be the Holy month for all the Muslims across the globe..

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Famous Tea-Party Items

People not only in Pakistan but as well as in India love having something with tea in evening, whether they are at work or home...

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