Delicious Halal Food

The number of immigrants and as well as expats in Canada is increasing, and most of them come from Asia and especially the sub-continent who crave for desi foods here in Canada. Moreover, their food preference is generally Halal food, which is not usually available at most of the places. Therefore, in order to meet up to their dietary expectations, Silver Spoon has positioned itself as a halal food restaurant that offers wide variety of desi dishes to let our target audience savor with them.

 lollipop chicken

Our halal food restaurants are in Mississauga and the overall GTA, since there is a huge market for halal food lovers in Toronto as well. We offer take-away services where freshly-made dishes are made available to you within minutes. So have it for your office lunch, have it at home, or treat your friends, our wide variety of halal food items would always let you savor at their best.