Desserts to Savor with at Silver Spoon

Known for its wide-array of Desi and Hakka cuisine, Silver Spoon also offers some mouth-watering dessert items savoring the taste-buds of the customers. Check out some of our sweet-dish items which we have specialty in.

Carrot Halwa
silverspoon Carrot Halwa
Crushed carrots cooked in a small quantity of milk, covered with dry fruits including pistachio, almonds, cashew nuts, and even raisins. Moreover, once the dish is ready ‘khoya’ is also added on top as a garnishing add-on that makes it look good and taste even better.

Ras Malai
ras malai
One of the most loved sweet dishes that children and adults both crave for is Ras Malai, which is made by cooking cheese dumplings in thick milky sauce. Adding cardamom while cooking makes it smell and taste even better, where garnishing is done at the end by putting mashed pistachios and almonds.

Malai Kulfi
silver spoon kulfi
Offered especially for the desi-food lovers, Malai Kulfi is a traditional ice cream made with milk and khoya while adding different mashed dry fruits on it as a coating.

Gulab Jamun
gulab jamun
Adding Gulab Jamun to our dessert menu simply adds-on to our menu card as it is the most famous sweets been loved by the desi-food lovers not only in Pakistan but in India as well.

Originated from the south of Pakistan, Lab-e-Shireen is the most popular sweet dish item these days as it is being served at several wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and as well as corporate dinners. Cooked in vanilla-flavored custard, the dish contains colored vermicelli, fruit-flavored jellies, and mixed with dry-fruits and small pieces of pineapple, banana, and apple.