Top 5 Halal Fast Food Restaurants in Toronto

Talking about Halal restaurants doesn’t mean that only Pakistani and Indian dishes could be halal and only that would be served in such restaurants. In fact, people look forward to have Halal fast food in Toronto as well that is not very common here, since they always miss out on McDonalds, KFC, etc.

If you were one of those people missing out on delicious fast food, now you can savor with it by visiting the following Halal restaurants in Toronto.

1 – JFK’s Restaurant & Lounge

The owners of this restaurant are Muslims and the meat served over here is Halal, where you would be left licking your fingers if you order chicken tenders for appetizers and Chicken Asiago for a wholesome meal.

2 – Hero Certified Burgers

The menu in this fast food outlet is partially Halal, where you can order Halal chicken burgers or even the most selling item of their restaurant called Halal Angus Burger which weighs nearly 6 oz. and costs $8.00.

3 – Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill

Verbal assurance by the owner and the manager regarding their Halal chicken, where chicken wings are the exception; however, their sweet potato mash is the best appetizing stuff you can ever have here in Toronto.

4 – Paramount Fine Foods

Certified for serving Halal meat as you could see their certificate displayed in the restaurant; moreover, their location is quite ideal as it is near the Eaton Centre. The best thing to try over here is BBQ Meat Sandwich.

5 – Popeye’s Chicken

Try out the Spicy Chicken Sandwich along with the mashed potatoes and drink that would be so wholesome that you would appreciate the value for money you would be getting from it. Of course the quality and taste is awesome and same goes for their chicken tenders too.