Top Desi Food Picks: Grill & BBQ Meals

The best part about being in the food/catering business is that you have constant access to lovely meals that you can indulge in at any time. And having done so perhaps a bit too often for our waist line’s own good, we believe we can consider ourselves connoisseurs when it comes to Desi and Chinese cuisine that we have on offer. So we thought we’d run a feature sharing some of our own favourites for you to enjoy and perhaps check out if you ever decide to drop by any of our takeout meal and catering outlets in Brampton, Mississauga or Toronto.

This week’s picks: Grill & BBQ meals!

The Mountaineering Marauder: Afghani Tikka

Afghani tikka

The Afghani tikka is quite popular in its homeland. Unlike Indian and Pakistani tikkas, it is low on spices and marinating powders; instead relying on natural juices and aromas to give it its unique taste.

The Flaming Flavour: Chicken Angara


Hindi/Urdu speakers will know at once the reason behind the name of this dish; known for its smoky aroma and slightly charred flavour of the dish that tends to be the high of any BBQ party attendees. It’s also spiced up quite a bit and thus served with curd or tomatoes in certain variations.

A Taste as Smooth as Silk: Reshmi Kabab


This one gets its name from the juiciness of the meat used to make it. Thanks in part to the special marination that’s made up of garlic, ginger and almonds! It’s a meal best served with chutneys and naans.